Antireds are a strange, small species of creature.

Appearance Edit

They appear like a small, red, reptile like creature, with 2 legs, a tail with a fish fin on the end, a relatively long neck, and a head with 2 black eyes and a snout on it. On the top of the head, there is a organ used for producing fireballs and shooting them out, and on the left sides of the head are 2 long antennae used for sensory purposes.

Abilities Edit


Poorly drawn image of an Antired from the side and front.

They can produce fireballs out of the organ in their head, and they can swim. They are fast, and surprisingly very powerful.

Behavior Edit

They are rare, and you never find 2 in the same place unless they are mates. They have the intelligence of... a common housecat.

Trivia Edit

  • I got the idea from a game called Sekaiju: World of Creatures.
  • Not much else to say.