An Arachnus Spoder is a rare Lycanthrope, which has traits similar to Xesperwings; however, they are not entirely related. 97% of the time they are female.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human, except:

  1. They have a spider abdomen.
  2. Their posture is different, being more hunched over since they have a spider abdomen.
  3. Also, they are always extremely healthy, and are never overweight. They are curvy.
  4. And finally, if they are a type B, their spider abdomen is as big as the image labeled B.

Abilities Edit

They have a venomous bite, which will knock out victims and transform them into an Arachus Spoder.

They can also transform into large, colored versions of whichever spider they have their abdomen from. While in this form, they can mate with spiders, and lay eggs.

And they can use spider silk, of course, which comes out of their abdomen.

Behavior Edit

They are, essentially, the antithesis of Xesperwings in behavior; they are very antisocial, prefer to live in dark caves, and are very solitary. They are known to hunt Xesperwings and Venoxi, but they generally put up a great fight.


An Arachnus Spoder halfway between spider and normal form.