Caeruleberries are strange Lycanthropes, distantly related to Femushrooms. They come only in female.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average woman, except:

  1. They have dark blue or green hair.
  2. Their feet are tree stumps.
  3. Their whole body is blueberry blue, is extremely curvy, and they have giant blueberries for breasts. Even their insides are blue, and they have juice instead of bodily fluids.
  4. When pregnant, their belly balloons up to 20 times it's normal size, and makes them appear like a giant blueberry attached to a human by the stomach.

Abilities Edit

They can transform into blueberries at will, and are constantly in heat. They can have intercourse with humans.

When one drinks the juice from their breasts, they will immediately turn into a defenseless blueberry for an hour, but will be able to roll around. If they survive they will become a Caeruleberry for life.


this is how curvy they are

Tumblr ox8jqohyGU1u4my6yo1 500

a female human becoming a pregnant Caeruleberry