Canisvir are a relatively common species of lycanthrope.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human, except:

  1. They have a dog or jackal tail.
  2. They have dog ears.
  3. They have dog/jackal paws for hands and feet.
  4. They have a dog/jackal snout, with various hyena and dog teeth.
  5. And finally, they have a thin layer of smooth fur all over their bodies.

Abilities Edit

They can transform into dogs, jackals, and hyenas. They also have a heightened sense of smell, and can crawl on all fours. If they lick someone, the victim turns into a canisvir. If they bite someone, the victim turns into a dog, and the breed depends either on what breed of dog the victim has had most contact with, or which breed of dog best fits their personality. They turn into a large, human-sized dog/jackal during a full moon, and turn feral until daytime.

Behavior Edit

They act like regular human beings, except they have more dog-like traits, and live in the wild mainly.

Trivia Edit

  • They are based off of werewolves, but edited.
  • Here are some examples as to what Canisvir would look like;
    From anubis by w4tsup-d9m5pzj

    A female human almost completely transformed into a canisvir.


    On the left is what a male Canisvir would look like. Ignore the right.

    Teacher s pet girl puppy tf by doggirlkari-d6o75x4

    Female Canisvir

    Science girl beagle tf by doggirlkari-d6bdzb5

    Female Canisvir