A species of Lycanthrope commonly seen, albeit not as commonly as Canisvir.

Appearance (secondary) Edit

In their secondary form, they appear like humans, except with the following features:

  1. Their skin can be a variety of random, light colors from just about anywhere on the color palette.
  2. The same goes for their hair, except their hair is usually darker than skin.
  3. They have enlarged ears, similar to that of a pony.
  4. They have horse tails, which are the same color as their hair is.
  5. They have horse-like legs, with hooves for feet.
  6. They have a little bit of a pony's snout poking out, but it's relatively hard to notice.
  7. A select few can have pegasus wings jutting out of their backs, allowing them flight.

Appearance (primary) Edit


If you give the form labeled 4 a small pony snout, then that's their secondary form.

They appear like the form labeled 1.

Abilities Edit

They ones with pegasus wings can fly, when they are in their primary form (their default form) they gain the strength of a horse and the abilities of one (IE, eating grass).