A Femushroom is a rare Lycanthrope .


They appear very similar to the average woman, except:

  1. They have mushroom cap 'hats', which are actually attached to their head and can't be removed.
  2. Their legs are fused together into a mushroom stalk, which keeps them rooted to the ground.
  3. Their skin has a mushroom-like texture, which is very smooth and soft.
  4. They have no arms, except for a select few, which have tiny stubs that can flail around.
  5. They are very curvy, and the stalk still has the curvature from human legs, just fused together.


They cannot walk, and are rooted in place. They can produce spores which transform those who breath them in into femushrooms, and it doesn't work on males however. They can transform into generic mushrooms and back at will. They can survive almost anywhere, and feed via photosynthesis.
Mushroom tf colored by dalphos
Rinori by sorachi jirachi-d94pz30
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