A Humarapt is a rare Lycanthrope related to the Kiitashu. They only appear in the tropics, on islands such as Hawaii. They only come in female.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human, except:

  1. They have raptor legs.
  2. They have a raptor tail.
  3. They have raptor hands with claws.
  4. They have a raptor head, but still have hair.
  5. They have no scales unlike a raptor, instead they are covered in regular human skin.
  6. They also have a vagina.

Abilities Edit

Girl to by dragon storm

vaguely like this but raptor head + no scales

They can breed with people, and the result will always be a Humarapt. They can roar, growl, hiss, have enhanced strength, and lay eggs. They also have enhanced senses.

Behavior Edit

Like regular human beings, except more feral.

Tf claire dearing raptor by skywalkergirl666-d94ccrc

A better example of a humarapt, except for the lack of female breasts.