Icthyohumanum are rare lycanthropes.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human except:

  1. They have a fish tail, that is sideways like a whale.
  2. Their lower body, starting at the top of the pelvis, is scaley, and is one large tail.
  3. They are also curvy (if female), and can never be overweight. If male, they are muscular, yet lean, with long arms that are a combination of skinny and muscular.
  4. Their vagina (if female) is mostly the same, but there are no hairs, and eggs come out of it since Icthyohumanum do not give mammalian birth.
  5. Their anus (if female) is still very curvy, and it remains in the same spot, except it's covered in fish scales and semi-closed. You can also impregnate a female Icthyohumanum through the anus.
  6. Finally, they have gills on the sides of their neck, similar to a shark, allowing them to breathe underwater.

Appearance After Transformation Edit

They have the same features as before, with the following added:

  1. Their ears transform into small rayed fins.
  2. They gain a male sockeye salmon mouth, which replaces their nose and mouth as a snout.
  3. Their hands become webbed, and become fins.
  4. They gain a webbed lionfish dorsal fin on their backs.
  5. And finally, their skin changes to scales, like that on their tail.

Abilities Edit

They can swim, and breathe underwater. Their vision is also not affected by water at all, and they can see through water exceptionally well, better than a human's vision while on land. Also, they can change at will to what is stated in "Appearance After Transformation", and back.

They can also transform into lionfish, clownfish, and sockeye salmon. Some males can transform into reef sharks, and some females can transform into nurse sharks.

They cannot walk on land.

Also, when they are born, they start life as an abnormally large, baby fish, and grow in size accordingly to humans, until they reach age 13, in which they become an Icthyohumanum.

Icthyohumanum Baby

A depiction of a baby Icthyohumanum.

Behavior Edit

They are mostly pacifists, and always live underwater, in the ocean. They tend to hang around clear, tropical waters, and coral reefs, such as Hawaii.

Trivia Edit

  • Yes, they are based off of mermaids.
  • If they kiss someone, the victim kissed turns into a Ichthyohumanum.
  • Also, they can interbreed with humans.
    Tf com mermaid marlene by beingobscene-dboi9y8

    An example of a human almost fully transformed into a Icthyohumanum.

    Tf triton s conch by beingobscene-dbdy1cl

    What a female Icthyohumanum would look like.