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Reference for her hair color.

This refers to specific persons of the lore of this wiki.

Spimajin Edit

Ditsii: As her name implies, is rather ditzy and shy. Rarely speaks at all, and is somewhat lewd. Known to have a crush on just about everyone she meets. Is rather oblivious to everything around her. Similar to Derpy from MLP.

Her skin is light yellow, with a green tint, and she has light green eyes with a light blonde hair. She's somewhat curvy, has a B-cup. Some would mistake her for a teenager. Makes her skin appear green to resemble clothes usually. Her body is always semi-transparent. Shapeshifts herself to make her more voluptuous to seduce her crushes.

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Reference for her skin color, eye color, and transparency, as well as clothes.

Only shapeshifts to impress a crush and intimidate any potential love rivals. Note she is still a Spimajin and basically nothing can stop her.