A Succubus is a ludicrously rare creature, being rarer than a Ultraeo Venoxesper. They are always female; the male version of their species of called a Incubus.

Appearance Edit

They appear similar to a very curvy, healthy female human being, except;

  1. They have a tail with a triangular tip on the end, which is why there are referred to as "female demons" to anyone who don't know what they are.
  2. They have demon-like horns.
  3. They have bat-like wings, making them completely resemble a demon in basically every way.
  4. Their skin can be red, pink, or purple, depending on the personality. If they are extremely evil to the point of being beyond redemption, they are red. If they are flirtatious but otherwise human-like, they are pink. If they are deceptive, or deceptive AND flirtatious (for ambitious reasons), they are purple. If they act like a regular human being completely, they are tan-orange. The hex color code for the last color is: #f6ae64.

Abilities Edit

They can fly with their wings, and they can make their eyes glow. They can turn invisible if they wish, and fire does no harm to them. They can also influence Unonoctix Sapiens to do their bidding.

Behavior Edit

They act mostly like regular human beings, but their behavior depends on what color they are. If they are red, they are pretty much pure evil, if they are pink, they are flirtatious and seductive, but not manipulative, and if they are purple, they are ambitious, manipulative, and can be seductive, but aren't necessarily evil. If they are tan orange, they act essentially exactly like a regular human being.

Trivia Edit

  • They can interbreed with humans, and the resulting child will always be either a Succubus or a Incubus.
  • They are also referred to as the "Queens of Monsters".

    An example of a flirtatious Succubus. Note the tail is not accurate. "Don't touch what you can't afford."