A distant relative of the Ursaem species, a member of the Lycanthropes. They most often come in female.

Appearance A Edit

They appear like curvy, healthy women, (if female), except for the following features:

  1. They have teddy bear eyes instead of human eyes, but they can still make facial expressions.
  2. They have a white teddy bear snout on their face, and teddy bear ears. Note the teddy bear snout and open and make limited expressions.
  3. They have a white, soft teddy bear fabric belly, which also includes their vagina and breasts (which are B or C cup). Their vagina is very soft and plush and not very detailed. Just a little rounded slit.
  4. They also have a white teddy bear tail, which is rather soft.
  5. Their feet and hands are those of teddy bears, and have little paw pads. They are still able to walk strangely.
  6. They always have little blushes under their eyes.
  7. They are always 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall.
  8. And finally, their insides are actually full of teddy bear fluff, but they can mysteriously still move and live. They still have private parts and can have intercourse with both humans and their own kind. Despite having no internal structure, they stay the same shape.

Appearance B Edit

They appear as teddy bears, with the following features:

  1. They have facial expressions.
  2. They have private parts and can still have intercourse with both humans and their own kind. If they are male their private part can retract inside it's body when not in use and the opening can close so it looks like they have none.
  3. They also have hair from who they were as a human.
  4. If they had clothes before, the clothes will shrink to fit the teddy bear form, but anything other than a bra and/or shirt, skirt, or dress will disappear, so they can't have pants.

Abilities Edit

They can transform from both Appearance A and Appearance B at will, and have the uncanny ability to stop moving to appear to be a regular teddy bear. They can heal, surprisingly.

They can have intercourse with humans and fellow Tedius Ursaems, and have children. The child is always another Tedius Ursaemia.

Note that having intercourse with a Tedius Ursaemia will result in a transformation into one.

When in their Appearance B form they have more limited movement, and are slower, when being watched by humans.

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