A Ultraeo Venoxesper is a creature so elusive, so ludicrously rare, 97% of the world's population have never even heard of it, and 2.5% of the remaining 3% thinks it's a long forgotten, mythical creature.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is complex, so I will just put an image.

Abilities Edit

Noah's Laser2

Female Ultraeo Venoxesper

They can fly, have ludicrously strong jaw strength, there is a stinger at the end of their tail, they can survive anything except another of their own kind, they can tunnel through solid diamond, and if they sting a human with the end of their tail, they will slowly, painfully die. They are also sentient. They have no equal (except their own kind), and if you enrage one, you have no chance of survival.

Behavior Edit

Ultraeo Venoxesper tend to be VERY VERY VERY VERY violent unless you prove yourself a friend to it. They are however not violent to their parents. They have been known to bite people's heads off. Their mouth is big enough to fit an entire adult inside it's jaws, and swallow them. They are VERY loyal if you manage to gain their friendship... but that's a massive challenge.

Noah's Laser

Male Ultraeo Venoxesper