Ursaem are rare creatures.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human except:

  1. They have a bear tail.
  2. They have a bear snout with bear teeth.
  3. They have bear fur.
  4. They have something similar to bear paws.
  5. Also, they are always extremely healthy, and are never overweight. They are skinny-ish, with good muscles etc.

Abilities Edit

They are extremely strong, being able to chuck their own weight into the air. They are ferocious if angered. They can also make bear vocalizations, grab things with their snouts, and they are tough, being hard to kill.

If they bite a human, the human will become a bear for 5 hours, but keep their mind. The species of bear varies from brown bear, to black bear, to grizzly, and, if somewhere extremely cold, polar bear. Once the 5 hour mark is reached, they turn into an Ursaem forever. Ursaems can also turn into any species of bear and back at will.

They are good at hunting, and making shelters.

Behavior Edit

They act the same as a regular human being, but they always live alone in the wilderness, unless with a mate.

They also like to live in caves, and like honey.

Trivia Edit

  • They can interbreed with humans.
  • They cannot transform any other lycanthrope, and vice versa.
    Try and act natural by cqmorrell

    What a female Ursaem would look like.