Venoxi are rare animals which are related to Xesperwings. They are more common than Xesperwings.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human, except:

  1. They have a pair of large, fuzzy antenna on their heads (much like a ant).
  2. They have an ant abdomen.
  3. Their posture is different, being more hunched over since they have an ant abdomen. However, they can stand up straight, but the ant abdomen will be facing down. Sorta like a wolf with it's tail tucked between it's legs, but only near between.
  4. Also, they are always extremely healthy, and are never overweight. They are skinny-ish, with good muscles etc.

Abilities Edit

They are extremely good at survival, and good at working. If they bite a human, the human will be knocked out for 15 minutes, and then become a Sugar ant for 1 hour but keep their sentience, and once the 1 hour has passed, the human will then become a Venoxi.

They can transform into any type of ant.

Behavior Edit

Venoxi act mostly like average human beings, with a few subtle differences:

  • They are usually more social, tending to hang out in groups, but they can be mostly solitary (but that's a lot rarer).
  • They are very skilled at working, especially building.
  • If their friends are in danger, they are extremely loyal.
  • They also tend to follow leaders.
  • And finally, they are noticeably stronger than the average human being, being able to lift their own weight rather easily.

Trivia Edit

  • They can interbreed with humans. The resulting child will be a Venoxi no matter what.
  • Venoxi children, (if their mother and father are both Venoxi) appear different from the adults. They have pure orange eyes, with a bit of a dim glow, like a glow stick. Their bite is also the same as an average human's until they are teenagers. Then they can transform people.
  • Their bite does nothing to Xesperwings, or Unonocti.
  • Also, I forgot to mention, at night they turn into Sugar ants (but retain their mind), until morning, then they become a Venoxi again, UNLESS they originally were a human but were bitten by a Venoxi. Then instead they turn into a regular human at night, until morning, when they become a Venoxi again.
  • They are good with working underground, they don't mind. They also don't mind getting dirty.
  • They also lay eggs.
  • The ant abdomen can only be either black or brown in males, and black, brown, or red in females.
  • Venoxi can interbreed with Xesperwings as well... the resulting child will become something else...

    A female Venoxi would look something like this, but without the wings. Also the abdomen would be more ant-like rather than bee-like as depicted here.