A Vitula Eligans is a common lycanthrope. They only come in female, unless they were a male human who drank their milk; then they become a Hulder.

Appearance Edit

They appear like a curvy female human being, except with the following features added;


Another example of a Vitula Eligans; however, this one is more accurate, except for the lack of a cow snout.


An example of a Vitula Eligans

  1. They have a cow tail.
  2. Their vagina is merged with their anus.
  3. They have cow ears.
  4. They have a cow udder, where the vagina would be.
  5. They have cow hooves for feet and hands.
  6. They have a cow snout.

Abilities Edit

They can produce milk out of their udder, and anyone who drinks the milk becomes a Vitula Eligans, unless the Vitula Eligans wishes this not to happen; then the victim becomes a cow and turns feral.

They can also become cows yet keep their mind.

Behavior Edit

They act like normal human beings, except they are calm and are fine with just pretending to be a regular cow their whole lives. A lot of them are in farms, and they only go into their Vitula Eligans form when no human is watching.