Vulpesmega are rare creatures.

Appearance Edit

They appear very similar to the average human except:

  1. They have a fox tail.
  2. They have a fox nose and fox teeth, but can choose to have a fox snout.
  3. They have fox fur.
  4. They have something similar to fox paws.
  5. They have fox ears.
  6. Also, they are always extremely healthy, and are never overweight. They are skinny.

Abilities Edit

They are extremely fast, and very clever. They can be deceptive when they need to, or charismatic.

They can turn into red foxes, and keep their mind, and back at will.

If a Vulpesmega bites a human, they turn into a Vulpesmega as well.

They can also walk on all fours, and are good at hunting, and sneaking.

Behavior Edit

They act mostly like a regular human being, but they usually live alone in the wilderness, unless with a mate.

They are also more ambitious than a regular human, and more clever.

Trivia Edit

  • They can interbreed with humans, the result will be a Vulpesmega.
  • They cannot transform any other Lycanthrope, and vice versa.
    Random fox tf by cqmorrell-d4knshm

    A female Vulpesmega would look something like this.